Acupressure point chart : Everything you need to Know (2020)

Acupressure points in hand

This alternative science of healing was developed thousands of years ago from today acupressure is still being used for treating thousands across the globe. The whole effect of acupressure is based on the principle of relaxation and overall well being of the body. Acupressure basically deals with various energy channels present inside our body. These channels represent the source of vitality inside our body. Energy meridian or energy points inside our body are the gateway which starts from the fingertip of your hand or legs and connects to various plexus of nerves, flow of blood and ultimately targets the brain, it is believed that our body has 12 such meridians and each one of them is representing certain organ and its vital force which is seen in acupressure point chart. In acupressure, it is believed that any blockage or imbalance in these channels will lead to ultimately disease and discomfort situation both mental as well as physically.

Acupressure is based on the theory of applying pressure on the meridian points to release the blocked vital force. This concept also directly linked to another Chinese medicinal basis of yin and yang, where acupressure regulates and controls the negative energy that is yin and flows the positive energy yen.

In simple acupressure, massage practitioners use fingers, palms, elbows or feet to apply pressure on certain areas of the body that represents those meridians of energy source. A properly applied methodology of acupressure can yield results in numerous condition like pain management, tension in joints, circulatory system management and many more.

For a better understanding of acupressure, there is acupressure chart which can be easily learned and self-applied to produce results. Before understanding the chart few things should be kept in mind like the pressure applied on the spot should be consistent not too soft neither too hard nor steady hold there for 2 to 3 seconds. Self-management of the amount of pressure to be applied is important too. Always sit in a comfortable position while applying pressure and take deep breathes during and after the session for 10 minutes. now in the whole process of understanding acupressure, knowing pressure points inside the body is the key which is also known as pressure point charts.

Hand acupressure point chart

Hand acupressure point chart

To get the benefit in the condition you want to deal with respective spot need to be pressurized in the same manner explained before.

Tip of the hand contains the meridian points that are linked to the muscle of the eyes as well as neck and is associated with a condition like weak eyesight and sinusitis.

On the edge of the palm from the side of the wrist along the line of thumb runs the lung meridian. This spot helps in dealing with a respiratory infection like cough, sneezing, and difficulty in breathing.

Over the lower wrist on the little finger side is the heart meridian that helps in many heart disease as well as insomnia depression anxiety. This is also known as the spiritual gate as it deals with many mental conditions.

Three fingers down the wrist are the point of digestive problems. It helps in soothing nausea and vomiting. It also helps in acidity and other gastric condition, helpful to pregnant females to treat hyperemesis gravidarium just parallel to this point runs an outer gate point which is location o the outer side of the thumb which deals with boosting the immunity.

Foot acupressure point chart

Foot acupressure point chart
Foot reflexology points

On the top of the foot between the big toe and next toe is the liver point which is helpful in treating many conditions like fatty liver. This point also deals with menstrual pain and cramps, creativity and weakness.

Point underneath the big toe is the depression toe pressing this point relives anxiety neurosis symptoms like palpitation sweating and hot flashes.

The inner side of big toe an inch away from the toenail deals with hernia and pain in the abdomen.

The point between the Achilles tendon and ankle bone is the point for bronchitis, joint pains

Acupressure points leg chart

Acupressure points leg chart

The soft point just on the back of the knee joint is linked with the not only regulates the circulation to the whole leg but is related to the bladder and kidney conditions.

Four fingers below the knee over the shin bone is the st 36 which helps in regulating the flow of lymph and blood hence helps in regulating the pain in joints.

Three fingers above the inner side on medial malleolus on the tibial end of the ankle joint are the three intersecting points of liver kidney and spleen.

Ear acupressure points

Ear acupressure points
Ear acupressure points

Point just behind your ear lobes gives relief from tinnitus and tension headache when a firm pressure massage is given. Auricular acupuncture can be used for weight reduction, insomnia and even for quitting smoking.

Likewise points at many other sites like abdomen, upper chest, back, face and head can be used for several medical conditions by self procedural practices. Just keep in mind the points to remember, this meridian pressure massage is an easy convenient and thoughtful method of dealing with various obnoxious disbalances in the health.

Acupressure is not restricted to only pressure applying on these pints from the acupressure point chart but also includes stretching and massage too. Some scholar believes that acupressure can be done by the individual on self also but when a practitioner or therapist it is believed that the massaging on the points can bring up the flow of positivity from one end to another hence it not only beneficial in pain but mental diseases and sufferings too.

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