Acupressure points in hand : Everything you need to know (2020)

Acupressure points in hand

Acupressure is the old age scientific as well as nonconventional method of treating ailments that channelize the gateway of the energy. Many of the most powerful pressure points are believed to be present over our hands. Acupressure points in hands are believed to stimulate many major internal organs of the body.

According to many scholars who practice reflexology, applying the desired pressure to the hands can energize and restore back the lost health to many internal organs and body parts.

Acupressure points in hand
Acupressure points in hand

How does acupressure work

Acupressure simply based on the ideology that one part of the body is connected to another through various energy sources which can be linked with the blood circulation. These energy sources or meridians are the points which are stimulated in the acupressure. Applying a preferred amount of pressure on the right spot with the right technique can revive the lost energy and stimulate the proper function of the corresponding representing the area, in the Asian countries or east specifically China and Japan technique of acupressure has been treating many since ages and now the horizon is expanding too far west too.

How does acupressure work

The action of the working of reflexology or acupressure not only deals with many diseases but overall look out of the person by enhancing common mental status as well as physical immunity. One more thing that makes it more desirable is the noninvasive techniques that are used and no drug exposure to the individual which makes it more reliable and less harmful with no side effects. As there is no adverse effect of this science it’s gaining popularity and many people giving it a try.

Although a certification for the proper study in an alternative system of medicine is required to learn a proper technique and understanding the point charts and methodology of the functioning of acupressure, you can also do stimulation of the points at home by yourself if you wish to do so but for this a careful observation of the points is required so that the desired result is administered.

Understand the need of the time

While practicing the acupressure one should understand that this is an alternative method to develop the energy source and establish the proper function it’s not a substitute to conventional medicine and you should follow the advice of your practitioner whenever required, in cases of surgery and other infection on the site of spot a discussion should always be initiated with your doctor regarding your wish to carry acupressure reflexology.

There are numerous pressure points in the hands representing various anatomical organs and parts, but here we can discuss only a few of the essential pits present over the hands.

Located over the edge of the palm on the lateral side, there is the lung meridian; it is believed to be running from the tip of the thumb down to the crease on the wrist on the sides. It is present on both right and left hand.

According to a therapist, rubbing a few small sore spot present along this line can help relieve respiratory complaints and many symptoms associated with a cold that might include sneezing, fever chills, and bad throat.

A very famous point over the left hand is the spirit gate; this point is spirit gate as it regulates the functioning of the heart which is the main controlling organ of the body. This is also known as the heart point number 7, A person doing self-stimulation of the points can find the heart 7 points over the wrist, just on the lateral outside of a small bone one inch below and in line with the little finger as well. This point not only triggers a better heart and circulatory response but also help in mental symptoms like depression anxiety and insomnia. This point is providing comfort and pleasure to a many patients suffering from mental diseases.

Among various hand, pressure points one important point the inner gate point which stimulates the function g of the digestive system. The inner gate point can be said to be an extension point as it is not located directly over the hand but ob the end at the wrist. To find this spot a technique is used which is to place the hand on the position as your palm upside and then use your three fingers to measure the point present an inch below the wrist. Approximately at the center of the wrist, you can locate the inner gate point.

It is advised to use the thumb of the other hand to firmly massage over this point; this pressure and then lifting with a proper technique relieve nausea diahroea dysentery and stomach pain. It also helps with other digestive problems like acidity and indigestion.

At the base of the thumb, a point is located which can be identified by moving the finger down the palm side of the thumb downward in a straight line until they reach the wrist over the crease of it. Reflexologists say that applying a required gentle pressure to this point alleviate the complaints like asthma and helps in breathing issues and many more respiratory problems.

At the tip of the ten fingers, there are ten pressure points which are extremely important. Applying pressure or using reflexology on these points could help relieve some common symptoms of cough and cold like fever body ache pain in throat etc. It is even believed that applying pressure at this particular spot can help treat epilepsy too.

Among the acupressure point in the hands again these ten pressure points are extremely important which are also known as four-seam points. One can find the point for four seams on the medial side of the each of the large joints in the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger. This point as also known as the paediatrics point as pressing this point in small children can restore the digestive functioning and deal with some common problems like loss of appetite, indigestion loose motion etc.

Acupressure points in hand not only represents the functioning but it has to be understood that these points are not merely anatomical representation and its not only a pressure points but a way of relaxing the body which is mastered after a lot of studies. These points massage help you heal and restore it not to palliate any form of the disease. One should always keep in mind that the flow of energy which seems to be the main source of the vitality of the body is regulated through the acupressure, so the basic work of acupressure is to streamline your health as a whole.

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