Ear acupressure points : Everything you need to know (2019)

Ear acupressure points

Among various points inside the whole body, most of the points are present on the ear. In this article, we shall discuss a few of the points that stimulate the various energy channels in the body.

Ear acupressure points

Understanding acupressure

As the word suggests acupressure suggests the right amount of pressure over certain points. These points are the main energy channel all over the body and lead to the flow of the main vital force inside our body. Acupressure is focused on both the spiritual as well as the physical aspect of the body and human life. It is known to be about releasing the energy trapped inside a body which is sometimes related to the disease condition in the body and once released brings back the body to the equilibrium state. These acupressure points vary and situated in a various location inside our body, they can range from ear acupressure points to hand to foot and face.

Science behind acupressure

Many ongoing types of research over the topic acupressure suggest that the main action of the acupressure is based on the fact that various body parts are interconnected to each other either through blood flow or nerve conduction, this literal medical connection is translated as the connection of the energy points in acupressure. As per various scholars practicing acupressure, it is advised that a massage over these connected ports of point bring health to the individual.

Why adopt acupressure

We all are well known for the health benefits of acupressure, people from all the corners of the earth are going crazy about the wonderful effects it has on the human body in spite of being noninvasive in nature. The traditional discipline of acupressure as practiced in Asian countries like China is laid down thousands of years ago and based on the simple methodology of maintaining harmony among all the various components of the body. It has the roots in the ancient literature that makes muscles strong and limbs more flexible, after this practice of stimulating energy meridians (points) the body become more immune and mind calmer and relaxes than ever before, all contributing to better health and high happiness index.

The foundation of acupressure was laid down many years before which can still be formulated and proved through various researches and many of them are being done from time to time.

Points for pain ear

Main cause of pain in ear is infection and sinus inflammation, infection in ear causes a lot of discomforts and pressure.ain can range from shooting to throbbing which is sometimes intense pain and cause displeasure to the individual, in such cases a massage over the head or behind the ear is helpful in reducing the stress accumulated in the middle ear due to pus collection. If practiced on a daily basis acupressure can be used to control and minimize the effect of many common ear diseases, and the results are unbelievable. It not only enhances the function of the individual organs but also as a balancing aid to the hormonal production especially endomorphin which are the natural pain killer that reduces the pain.

The practice of acupressure also Improves immunity. It also improves the organ cell by increasing blood flow for proper functioning to various body parts.

Triple Energizer point

Pressing on this point relieve ear symptoms. Triple analyzer point is located in the intersecting point in the perpendicular line that passes from the nail finger. The joining lines pass through the edge of the finger.

The second point in this line is found if by moving the finger straight and horizontal between the fourth and the fifth finger. Using an appropriate pressure at this point is useful in many ear conditions.

This point is amalgamation from all three intersecting points which is hard to locate but is very helpful in dealing with ear pain, this point is also referred to as the triple burner point.

Ear gate point

Famous for acupressure points for ear tinnitus. Ear gate is the point present just in front of your ear lobe. This point can lead to relief from earache. Stimulation of the point for five minutes can be done by massaging using the index and middle fingers in a circulatory manner. This point helps in alleviating the toothache, pain in the throat as well.

Large Intestine point

This is the most common acupressure point that has gained a lot of attention and popularity among masses. This point also is known as union valley point, this can this point is helpful in treating not only the ear problems and conditions but also restores the digestive system functions.

This point is located in the groovy depression present in between the thumb and the index finger. The situation of the point s stimulated with a light form massage in the circular motion.

Acupressure points behind the ear

Place the finger moving slightly behind the ear, just below the groovy depression on the top of the ear on the outer surface. Locate the point by feeling the ridge over the skull. Just on the level of the temporal bone, this point can be spotted.

Daith point

This point is used for treating many conditions of head and neck; this is one of the acupressure points for anxiety which is widely used. Located on the outer part of the ear, placed just on the inner cartilage. This point is so popular for treating ailments that many people prefer piercing in the location for stimulation of the part.

The point on the apex of the ear

Migraine is one of the commonest diseases of head that is affecting the population nowadays due to changing habits and lifestyle. The apex ear point is located on the space highest point of the ear, this is the point used to treat the cluster headache as well as tension headache and pressure inside the headache.

The point on the earlobe is another popular point where the piercing is done for pressure stimulus. A gentle massage over this point relieves migraine and tinnitus. This also relieves the stuffed feeling in the ear.

Ear acupressure points are proving its benefit to many people in various ailments and diseases and that’s why it is gaining popularity. Also, the noninvasive nature of the therapy is attracting the mass population to follow this technique.

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