Foot reflexology points : Everything you need to know (2020)

Foot reflexology points

Foot reflexology is basically a division of acupressure only that is based on the fact that every part of the body can be regulated through the meridian points present over our foot the sole, sides or the upper portion of the legs that represents the various body parts and the organs. According to the theory applying pressure with the help of thumb and fingers through a specific technique over this foot reflexology points bring out the positivity and releases the stress.

Representation on the sole has demarcation of both simple anatomical representations of the organs and body parts as well as more specified locations for various diseases.

Foot reflexology points
Foot reflexology points

For anxiety and stress

Press pressure on the tendon meeting point between the big toe and the second toe. This point is famously known as LV3 point, and not helps to relieve stress but menstrual pain and cramps too.

For depression

Squeeze in by applying pressure on the point just behind your big toe. A simple massage for two-three minutes can provide relief from night sweat insomnia etc.

For curing hernia

On the lateral side of the foot an inch below toenail on the undersides of the big toe. This point also deals with other abdominal complaints like nausea and pain.

For stomach infection

Press over the depression over the middle side of the foot just an inch away from the ball of the foot is the point for diarrhea and dysentery.

The point between the lateral malleolus and the tendon Achilles is a depression this is beneficial for circulatory diseases, especially high blood pressure.

Some basic points of foot reflexology

The basic idea of foot reflexology is the representation of the various organs and the body parts over the foot. A gentle squeezing pressure over these areas provides relief in diseases in such condition.

Reflexology points top of the foot represent the points for head and neck and their respective joints. On back that is the sole the points are present for paranasal sinuses and glands whereas on the front the points are present for brain, nose, and sinuses and on the sides the presentation is for the lumbar plexus and spinal bone, knee joint, and ankle hence this point can be proved very beneficial for people suffering from joint pains as in arthritis.

On the base of the big toe on its back is the area related to your spine and it runs in the whole length. This is applicable for both his feet.

The groove underneath the toe is the area the chest region over the foot. The chest area is present just below the spine area

Two to three inch below the chest area is the area for the pelvic region and hence it covers all the organs situated in the pelvic area. Between the chest area and the pubic area is the waistline, this area covers the region of intestines and other abdominal organs. One thing to remember is as the stomach is situated on the left side corresponding point will be on the left foot too.

Reflexology points right foot

About three inches from the base of the foot just at the middle is the region for the kidney and just above this area on the medial side is the adrenal plexus spot. In continuation with an area for kidney run the urethra and on the medial side just above the ball is the bladder, they all are interconnected with each other.

On the base of the second and third toe is the area for eyes and just below it is the area for ears. A gentle massage in these areas provides relief from ailments like an earache, ear infection, tinnitus poor eyesight etc. Below this area is the area for liver lies and in between the two is the area for lungs.

Foot reflexology points chart is basically the road map of how this wonderful science works on each and every aspect of the human body dealing with the emotional and mental health as well which is often neglected by many, hence even a simple act of self-practice can bring a lot of change in the vitality and its flow and health can be enjoyed at its maximum.

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