Why does a nose block happen? How to unblock your nose?

What is sinus

Hello friends, my name is Jaideep Kumar and I will tell you today that there is a lot of trouble in our body, how to cure it and why I am going to tell you that my nose is closed today? If closed, what are the ways to fix it And What is Sinus.

Today, who is going to tell you about some home remedies to cure your nose, with the help of which you can cure your blocked nose as soon as possible, and I want to give you an example before starting the information about the topic. I want to ask you a question

Have you ever seen stagnant water? Yes friend, I am asking this question because this question is very important for this information, because from this point, if you can get full information about society today, let’s move towards the question

Have you ever seen stagnant water? If you have an answer, then you would know if the stagnant water is anywhere, whether it is in the pond or somewhere around your house, but why does that water rot after a few days in the stagnant water? The germs, bacteria, and bacteria of the stagnant water, the virus gets collected in one place and due to this, the stagnant water gets rotten. In this example in the bus, I want to understand that just like this is the case with our nose, the truth is why do you have a closed nose and what are the remedies to cure a closed nose.

What is sinus

So let’s first know about sinus, so what is this sinus. Science is that empty space in our nose and head is called sinus. In our head, there is an empty space on the side of two nostrils, when there is an empty space on the side of two noses, then there is a total of four empty places in our head, it is known as sinus.

What is sinus work?

The work of sinus is to collect mucus. Mucus means that phlegm or mucus is called mucus. The work of mucus is not to dry our nose; it is the work of mucus and the work of sinus is to produce mucus. The sinus works to make the mucus and the sinus itself brings mucus to the nose, but if it is known in a way, the work of mucus to the nose and making mucus is done by the sinus.

How is sinus infection

The reason for sinus infection is when the mucus in our nostrils stops, due to which the nose that is in the nose does not remain, and because of this, what we gave you for the first example was the same with our nose when in the pond The water remains stagnant and bacterial bacteria are produced in the same way, it is the same here when the mucus stops coming into our nostrils, then there is empty space in the sinus and it starts to accumulate there and it causes bacteria to form virus Looks like. And because of this we get cold and cold. This causes us sinus infection.

Home remedies to cure sinus infection

It is very important to cure sinus infection because it can cause us a lot of fever. So let us know what is the solution to avoid sinus infection, but how to fix it when our nose gets blocked.

1 – Smell Steam

Smelling steam, in this method, you have to heat the water in the cooker and when the water starts boiling, then you can smell the steam coming out of it. Smelling the steam will open your nose and you will be able to breathe in eighty ways and because of this you will not have sinus infection.

2 – Put a hot handkerchief on the mouth

The second is India, you have to take a towel and you have to soak it in hot water and squeeze that napkin then you have to cover your mouth with that hot napkin. Doing this twice in three days will not cause sinus infection. If it has happened then it will be alright in just a few days and there are many problems that come from spending money on turning your nose back on it, but it was two ways of no cost, but there are two ways you can free your nose Can prevent sinus infection.


So in this way you can avoid blocking your nose and if blocked, you can solve the problems of your name by trying this method.