4 Pressure Points on Hands and Arm to Get Relief From Sinus, Tension and Headache

Sinus is situated at the nose side and is an air-filled cavity. The problems arise when these cavities are blocked, infected or clogged due to bacterial infection, cold or allergies. This can arise complications such as snorting, headache, breathing problem, etc. However.

The relief comes when you know that you can cure such issues at home. There are few sinus pressure points on hands that helps in clearing the problem of the sinuistis.

These types of pressure points are also present in hands and arms. There are many people who will raise their concern. Since arms and hands are nowhere connected to our nose.

However, when it comes to pressure points, there is nothing that is unconnected. Our inner body is connected in such a way that it makes a pattern within. Every point is connected to another that allows us to put pressure points on hands.

4 Pressure Points on Hands to Cure Sinus

1. The middle part of index finger and thumb

The middle part of index finger and thumb

This is one of the pressure points that we usually discover by oneself. However, at that age of playing around, we had no idea about the importance of this single point. The pressure point can be felt in between index finger and thumb, along with the soft tissues. Simply, put pressure around that area with the index finger of another hand. You need to put pressure on the area which is slightly raised.

It is one of the important pressure points on hands that hurt but is effective for several problems. This pressure point is used for anxiety as well as a tension that is around shoulder or neck. Apart from this, there are many doctors that recommend this acupressure points in hand for diabetes as well.

2. The Inner Gate

The Inner Gate

No matter how intriguing the name is, it is actually a simple pressure point. It is located in the inside area of the wrist that is creased. When you reach the base. You can follow it up to be right at the center of these creases. The width of this can go around four fingers or less which depends on an individual.

On top of that, this point is located at the tender spot that might hurt while putting pressure. All you need to do is slowly but firmly apply some pressure on the area without hurting. The area is responsible for the circulation of blood that reaches sinus. Hence, it will be easy to cure any trouble that you might be facing.

Now you might feel, why does the pressure point in my hand hurt? Well, the thing is that

3. Finger Nails

Finger Nails

One of the major pressure points of the body is the fingernail. It is present at the tip of your finger. You need to put light pressure on the point to ensure that your nose is not stuffed. Just apply pressure for a few moments in order to maintain the circulation of blood. Apart from this, it also helps in qi flow to different regions along with sinus.

4. Finger Tips

Finger Tips

The point that is present as the pressure points on the palm of hands is at the fingertips. This type of points works amazingly with the sinus problem. In order to ensure that blood flow is to the point, you need to make sure that you are applying pressure on your toes and tips both. The pressure point on foot also works as a tipping point. It will help in draining the sinuses at a rapid rate to ensure that you are back to health super-fast.

Apart from this, there are few other points that are used as acupressure points in hand for gas but they work well with sinus issues as well. These type of point are present at the bottom back, behind the ear, right below the earlobe, etc. However, these sinus pressure points in hand make sure that you don’t have a stuffed nose or an irritating problem in breathing.

No matter how many pressure points on hands you use, if you are not doing it the right way then it will not make any difference. Hence you need to make sure that you are doing it correctly otherwise it can be a troublesome problem.

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