A Brief Guide on Dizziness and Sinus Infections: Symptoms and Treatment

Sinus infection Symptoms Dizziness

Sinus Infection is a prevalent disease nowadays. Sinus infection symptoms dizziness causes a headache and pain on the face, around the eyes, behind the nose and on the upper teeth.

Sinuses are hollow cavities in the skull which are four in number. Sinuses have mucus linings which act as a filter to prevent unwanted particles from entering the nose.

sinus pressure and dizziness without congestion

Inflammation of the sinuses causes sinusitis. Common cold and allergies are responsible for such an infection. Sinus infection symptoms dizziness is one of the most significant sinus infection symptoms.

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Dizziness is a complication of sinus infection caused by a virus, bacteria or fungus. Dizziness is the state where you feel lightheaded.

It makes you feel unstable and causes nausea. Fluid builds up in the ears putting pressure on the inner ear and eardrum. This fluid results in harming the vestibular labyrinth.

Vestibular labyrinth takes care of the balance of the mind. When the vestibular labyrinth is affected, the person suffers from dizziness or vertigo. Sinus associated with dizziness is a result of a bacterial infection.

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Allergy Induced Sinus Infection:

1. Airborne Allergy Induced Dizziness:

Airborne allergy induced dizziness

If a person is allergic to airborne substances like dust, pet dander and pollen, then the body releases histamines. Histamines are chemicals used to fight against the intruders. Allergies can lead to congestion, cough, and dizziness.

Airborne allergies affect your Eustachian tube. The Eustachian tube is a tunnel connecting the middle ear to the back of the throat.

This tunnel helps in maintaining the balance and also equalizes the pressure of the central air with that of the air. When you are exposed to these airborne substances, your Eustachian tube gets blocked.

This blockage disturbs the balance in the middle ear. It can also lead to hearing problems and thereby cause sinus infection symptoms dizziness.

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2. Food Allergy Induced Dizziness:

Food Allergy Induced Dizziness

You can also feel dizzy after being exposed to some specific food items. Some people have an intolerance to wheat or gluten or some other product.

This intolerance leads them to feel dizzy or lightheaded after being exposed to these food products. You should observe the food which is causing you difficulties and causes dizziness.

Home Remedies:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most recommended treatments for sinus infection symptoms dizziness. Taking up one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar every day will help you in treating the infection.
  • Onion has the presence of sulfur content treating sinus infection symptoms effectively.
  • Taking a hot shower everyday helps in cleansing the sinuses.
  • Inhaling steam with the addition of camphor or eucalyptus leaves loosens the mucus and drains out the sinuses.
  • Taking in an adequate amount of fluids also thins out mucus and treats sinus infection symptom dizziness.
  • A sinus patient is advised to stay away from alcohol or smoke. Alcohol or smoke can lead to congestion.
  • Having spicy foods in the diet loosens the mucus and clears the nostril.
  • Saltwater irrigation using neti pot is also known to drain out the sinuses taking care of sinus infection symptom dizziness.
  • A sinus patient can even try alternate warm and cold compress to cure himself/herself of the sinus.

Final Words:

There are two kinds of sinusitis, chronic and acute. Acute sinusitis is a less severe case. Chronic sinusitis can last for several months, and a patient might need to undergo surgery if all the home remedy fails.

So, you need to consult your doctor if you find your condition worsening with time. Proper care and treatment will help you to treat sinus infection symptoms like dizziness.

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