Sinus Pressure Behind Eyes: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and More

When you feel pressure behind your eyes, then it started from another part of your head instead of inside of your eyes. This condition can cause eye pain and vision problem, too. The pain and the pressure behind the eye is a different condition. The pain feels like a burning, stabbing, or stinging sensation and allergies or eye conditions like pink eye can cause eye pain, but not pressure.

Sinus Pressure Behind Eyes

The Pressure behind the eyes feels like stretching sensation or fullness inside the eye. It can be caused due to sinus problems, headaches, tooth pain, Graves’ disease or damage to the optic nerve.

So in this article, we will discuss sinus pressure behind eyes. Even we also include its symptoms, treatment, cause, etc. You can also check about Sinus Pressure Points.


  • Stuffed nose and cough that gets worst during the night
  • Mucus, which might be thick, green or, draining from your nose or nasal discharge
  • Bad breath, ear pain or pressure
  • A headache, fever
  • Fatigue
  • A feeling of pressure behind the eyes
  • Inability to smell
  • A mild or high fever, tiredness
  • A sore throat, unpleasant or sour breath

A sinus infection can associate with dizziness. Sinus pressure behind eyes dizziness is the state of lightheadedness. It is the feeling of instability that can sometimes cause illness. Most of the time person experience dizziness when flying with a sinus infection.


Sinus Infection Bacteria

The main reason for it is Sinus mucus build up due to sinus inflammation. Several factors may influence the amount of mucus being produced and lead to pressure behind eyes and ears.

  • Viruses: The common cold virus is the frequent cause of sinusitis. When you have a flu virus or cold, it raises the volume of excretion your sinuses produce. That makes them more likely to inflame due to clogging.
  • Bacteria: Your Sino nasal cavity packed with cilia that are tiny hairs that help bar organisms from infiltrating the sinuses. These cilia are not 100% active. Virus and bacteria can still insert your nose and reach to the sinus cavities. Bacterial contamination in the sinuses will often develop a viral infection because it is easier for bacteria to spread in the mucus-rich environment caused by a viral infection such as the cold or a cough. Bacterial infections normally a reason for the most severe symptoms of acute sinusitis.
  • Nasal polyps: Polyps are irregular growths in your body. Polyps may block the sinuses from cleaning the air and increase the amount of mucus build up.
  • Deviated nasal septum: People who have a deviated nasal septum cannot breathe evenly using both sides of their nose. A deficiency of proper air dissemination can cause inflammation if the tissues of sinuses compromised.

So after knowing the reason for pressure behind eyes, what are the remedies to relive? This question may arise in your mind. That’s why we bring a list of home remedies of it. You can also check Sinus Pain Relief Home Remedies



  • Maintain proper eye care and obey a healthy lifestyle: Take plenty of rest, eat healthy food, go to your eye doctor regularly, and always keep your medicines up to date.
  • Try exercises:  Set down on a hard facade and put your hands behind your head. Push your thumbs into the area of the base of your skull and allow your head to drop back. Hold the same position as long as you can.
  • Apply cold or hot compresses:  To relieve in sinus pressure behind eyes and easing headaches, soak your hands in cold water and your feet in hot water. You can place hot and cold compress alternatively on your forehead.
  • Steam: Take steam of hot water to relieve sinus eye pain. Cover your face and inhale steam will more beneficial.
  • Eat and drink properly:  Drink means staying well hydrated to reduce the risk of headaches. Drink lot’s of water and natural juices and avoid smoking, alcohol, medications, processed foods, that cause your hormones to alternate to reduce risk.
  • Use essential oils:  Many essential oils like has been found to be useful for reducing headache pain quickly and also reduce pain behind eyes. Additionally, one can use eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil that can give a cooling effect when applied to the temples and relieve pain
  • Eye exercises:  It is a good choice for relief from the feeling of pressure in eyes. Start by lying on your back, willingly on a hard facade. Managing your thumbs, tenderly press into the back of your skull, applying pressure as long as you can while still comfortable. It may also be helpful to determine the area of your skull where the pain is established with your thumbs as you use pressure.
  • Reduce stress to relieve headaches from behind eye:  Stress is a comprehensive source of migraines and is known to be the chief cause of exertional type and tension, as well as trigeminal neuralgia and aggravating migraines. Some natural stress-reducing medicines can be used to help relieve your headache risk, like drinking chamomile tea.
  • Get enough sleep:  Sleep is tonic to recharge your body as well as an essential part of everyone’s lives. Getting sufficient amounts of sleep is the best way to improve physical health. Those who experience persistent headaches should prioritize sleep more. As per studies, the right sleep patterns can help decrease the frequency of migraines and even lessen their severity.
  • Acupressure of sinus pressure points: Acupressure is a method that based on the view that located on the skin and sensitive to bioelectric impulses. Arousing these points with light pressure can reduce both tension and pain behind the eyes as well as in the head. To release pressure that has formed up in your nasal hollow, put your hands on both sides of your face, the area between the corner of your eye and the bottom of your eyebrows and massage. Follow this process repeatedly, and it will bring relief to your eye sockets and also help to drop the sinus pressure you are enduring.

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  • Massage: An excellent facial massage routine can help get relieved of the pressure behind your eyes. The method is straightforward. Just locate the point just beneath the cheekbone and then level with the disciple of your eye. Staring straight ahead, and press in the upward movement. Do this massage for a few times during the day. Additionally, you can apply pressure to your temples with your thumb just over the eyebrow and massage frequently. It helps to relieve the pressure on your head that is creating the pain behind your eyes.
  • Use Alfalfa Tablets: Alfalfa is a healing herb that has been used for many years for curing asthma and other health problems. You can use alfalfa tablets to dry up your sinuses, which associate with the pressure you are experiencing behind your eye. This herb you can find at your local general herb store. You can use tablets, dried leaves, and fresh leaves according to your preference. Use one ounce in a pint [0.473 litres (for liquid measure) or 0.551 litres (for dry measure)] of water and boil for approx. 20 minutes and drink 2 cups daily.

It is all about sinus pressure behind eyes. We hope you find all the reason, causes, and remedies for it. If you find any difficulties in understanding, then you can ask us without any hesitation.

Even if you find any other treatments, then you can leave it in the comment box, too. Don’t miss to share your views.

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