Sinus Pressure Points

17 Sinus Pressure Points to Help you Get Relief from Congestion & Headache



Sinus pressure points are those points that one can use in order to get relief from Sinus.

One doesn’t need any kind of medical consultation to try this method.


As these pressure points have no side effects one can try it on their own.

Here on our Blog, you will get the complete information upon Sinus Pressure points and all the information related to sinus.

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Pressure Points on Face
Pressure Points On Head And Neck
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Pressure Points on Ears

What is Sinus?

Sinusitis refers to the swelling or inflammation of the tissues that are lining the sinus.

It is considered to be healthy as long as it is filled with air. But, once they are blocked with fluid; it leads to infection due to growth stimulation of germs.


Causes of Sinus:

Sinus can happen because of the following reasons mentioned below:

  • Common cold.
  • Shift in the nasal cavity or deviated septum.
  • Growth in and around nose lining known as nasal polyps
  • Allergens or allergy that leads to swelling in nose lining.

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There are 4 types of Sinus that are mentioned below:

  • Acute Sinusitis: It lasts for 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Subacute Inflammation: It lasts for a month and may be extended till 3 months.
  • Recurrence Sinusitis: It makes you suffer for long and can occur several times in a year.
  • Chronic Sinus Inflammation: Minimum lasting time is 12 weeks. It may take even longer to last.

How to Get Rid of Sinus?

types of sinus

Sinus may lead to several uneasy conditions and severe headache. The best way out to get relief from Sinuses is through Sinus Pressure Points.

These pressure points are present on different parts of your body.

Holding on for minimum 3 minutes for any of the points can relieveany kind of pain instantly.

Sinus Pressure Points On Face


The point right in the middle of your eyes. You can get rid of sinus by pressing the point or by tapping on it continuously for a minimum duration of one minute.

It helps you to release the mucus and thus avoids inflammation and drying up of sinus. This point can be found at the ridge of your eyebrows. Just press these points upwards out.

Hold and press this point for few minutes and you can sense pressure at the back of your head getting released.


Keep your fingers at 90 degrees to your face and press the points of your nostrils on either sides.

It helps to drain the mucus effectively. It helps you to get relief from any sort of respiratory illness and enhance the blood circulation in the area. It helps you to relieve the pressure from maxillary sinusitis


This pressure point is present on both the sides of the nose where the nose attach to the ridge of eyebrows. This point helps you to suppress your headache in case of sinus.  

You just need to press the points on either sides in and upwards.  

Holding the point for around 5 minutes will activate the point and it will certainly show you the results.


This Point is located just below your nose on the groove of your upper lip.

Press and hold this point upwards towards your nose to activate it. You can feel its effect just in few seconds.

The sinus can be felt draining down through your throat.  It relieves you from frequent sneezing and allergies too.

Under The Cheeks

ThisPointis located just beneath the pupil on your cheek.

Press this point in upwards direction to feel its results. It helpfully releases pressure from all the sinuses and eustachian tubes too.

Sinus Pressure Points On Head And Neck

pressure points on head and neck

Top of Neck

This point lies in the middle of the neck where it meets skull. You need to hold the point for approximately 5 minutes to get it activated.  

It is very helpful in getting rid of common cold, achieving mental peace and neutralizes effect of sinus

Top of Neck nearly two thumbs Apart

This Sinus Pressure Point is at Back Of Head where neck meets skull on a distance of a thumb on both the sides from centre.

To locate it on each side place both your thumbs right in middle of neck and slowly bring them apart on either sides until you come across hollow points.

Press the point upwards towards head and inwards to get it activated. Hold the point for at least 5 minutes.

Sinus Pressure Points on Legs and Feet

Sinus Pressure Points on legs

Toe Tips

The Pressure Points can be found on the tips of your toes. Squeeze your toe tips one by one for regular interval of times.

This pressure point not only helps you to get relieve from sinus congestion but it also helps to avoid any sort of future sinus infection.

Toe Nails

There exists several Pressure Points on your toenails that are highly beneficial.

If you press and hold these points, it activates the circulation in the parts that are affected by sinus and hence helps you get rid of it.

It unclogs and drains away the sinus accumulated in your body.

The only care to be taken while using these points is that you should press them very lightly and should not put excessive pressure.

Shin on Upper Outside Portion

It can be found on either side of the shin where it meets leg muscle.

Press these points gently. As these points are vital in comparison to others.

Helps you to get the desired results if proper pressure is put on the right point.

Feet Balls

This Sinus Pressure Point Drainage inner and middle ear.

It also proves to be helpful if your eustachian tube is blocked. Massage the balls of your feet with accurate pressure to get favourable results.

Sinus Pressure Points on Hands and Arms

Sinus pressure points on hands

Inner Gate

This point can be located in your forearm. It is a tender point that is two to four fingers away from hand.

Just press with your fingers and locate a tender point right in the middle of your wrist.

Sinus Pressure Point Relief any difficulties in breathing and increases circulation.

Nails of Your Finger

The Sinus Pressure Points can be found on the finger tips. It is located at the bottom right of your nail on the tips of finger in both hands.

Alike your toe tips do not press fingertips with more pressure.

It helps in improving circulation and to drain out sinus out of your body.


Alike toe tips Sinus Pressure Points on toe tips works wonders.

Just press them one by one on regular intervals and get rid of the sinus as it is drained by your body through improved circulation by pressing these pressure points.

Middle Point Between Thumb and Index Finger

Just lie your hand flat on the table and hold it with a pinch between your thumb and index finger.

The centre point is the required Sinus Pressure Point. 

The point apart from helping in relieving sinus infection also helps to suppress tension, headache and helps to stimulate circulation in your brain

Sinus Pressure Points on Ears

Pressure points on ears

The pressure points are located at the following parts of Ear:

Ear Gate

This point is counted amongst one of the top resulting acupressure point to treat sinus. This point can be found on top of the ear, just in front of ear lobe.  

To activate this Sinus Pressure Point use your thumb and index finger to hold and press the point for approximately 5 minutes and then release pressure.

It subsides any other pain attached to it like toothache, ear pain, pain in ear lobes, jaw issues, severe headache etc.


The point is located just above the ear lobe. To stimulate this point, hold it for around 3 to five minutes on either side of the ear.

It helps in getting relief from sinus as well as ear pain and other issues associated with sinus.

Thus, sinus can be treated efficiently by making use of above mentioned acupressure points. If you use these tricks on the correct point regularly your sinusitis can subside gradually and there are least chances of getting affected by it over again.

These points can be pressed by you yourself without need of any doctor.

Only in some cases expertise concern is required, when the cases are severe. Else, you can treat the sinus congestion yourself with Sinus Pressure Points.

This method of treatment is highly effective and above all has no side effects.

You can use any of the Sinus Pressure Points treatment with points on different parts of your body depending on the part that is affected or observing your sinus symptoms.

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