Some Symptoms Of Liver Damage

Some Symptoms Of Liver Damage

Some Symptoms Of Liver Damage – Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  Friends, even if you are not healthy, after reading our article you will be healthy.  Because in this article today, we have brought a very important information related to your health.  Friends, today we are going to tell you in this article what are the symptoms of liver damage.  If you also want to know what are the symptoms of liver damage, then read our article till the last.

Friends, as you all know, the human body is made up of many small organs.  Each organ has its own different role.  There are many important organs in our body that if we are not in our body then we will not be able to survive.  Of all these organs, the liver plays an important role.  Friends, the main function of liver is to digest our food and to build and absorb the protein, vitamin calcium etc. in the food.

Some Symptoms Of Liver Damage

Friends, if you take a doctor’s report or look at the survey, then you will know that in our country many people die every year due to liver damage.  Friends, liver damage is a very simple problem and if you are negligent then it may be that your liver also gets damaged.  That is why you should know the symptoms of liver damage.

Friends, below are some of the symptoms.  If you see this symptom within a friend or a family member or within yourself, contact a doctor immediately because if a liver infection or liver damage is treated in time, the person’s life can be saved.

Stomach Swelling

Friends, when someone has liver damage, then the stomach starts swelling first.  When the swelling comes, the stomach starts coming out.  If you notice this symptom in time and seek advice from the doctor, then the doctor will treat you well and can save your life.  If the stomach swelling is not control, the risk of getting cancer also increases due to which people die.

Get Jaundice

Friends, whenever there is an infection or a problem in our liver, jaundice occurs on the hands and eyes on the face.  You will see yellow spots in many places on the body, this is a sign of liver damage.  If you are seeing this symptom in someone, then consult a doctor immediately and get treatment.

Stomach Pain

Friends, when someone has an infection or liver damage in the liver, their stomach starts to pain.  This pain is intermittent.  There is a lot of pain in this.  In such a situation you should immediately go to the doctor and have them do your ultrasound.  So that the disease inside your body can be detected.

Loss Of Weight

Friends, if someone’s weight is getting reduced day by day, then it is a problem of liver damage.  When our liver is damaged, what we eat is not digested properly due to which it does not benefit our body.  And our weight gets reduced day by day.

Indigestion Problem

Friends, as you all will know, the main function of liver is to save food.  But when liver damage occurs or there is an infection in the liver, it does not do its job properly.  Because of which food is not digested.

Itchy Skin

Friends, this is also a symptom of liver damage.  If you are needlessly itching on the body then you need to be careful.  Get advice from a doctor immediately and tell him your problem.  Because it may be a symptom of liver damage.


Friends, our body does not get the benefit of food due to liver damage.  Due to which weakness comes in us, due to weakness, we also feel dizzy.  That is why if you do not get it treated in time, then you will go on getting weaker day by day.

Swelling In Other Parts Of The Body As Well

Friends, when someone has a liver infection or someone has liver damage, then not only his stomach gets swollen but other parts of his body also get swollen.  Swelling begins in the hands of the feet and in the throat in the soles of the feet when liver damage occurs.


So guys these were some symptoms for you.  These symptoms appear when someone has liver damage.  If any of your relative are seeing this symptom, then you should take it to the doctor immediately and get it treated.  The problem of liver damage can be controlled if given timely treatment.  Guys that’s all for today.

Today’s information ends here.  Today in this article, we have told you how to prevent liver damage?  We hope you like this information.  We keep bringing new information on many topics for you.  If you want to get other similar information, then read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time.  Good Day