How to speed up the eyesight with the help of acupressure ?

How to speed up the eyesight with the help of acupressure

Today, I will give you information about an easy to use acupressure point. Hello friends my name is Mahesh, we will know how to light the eyes of the eyes without any medicine and medicine, so let’s start the information.

Today we will know

Ways to avoid eye disease

How will the eyes light up?

Acupressure point and posture information

Friends, what I have given you above, I will give you the information that you do not need to go anywhere. Yes, you do not have to go to a doctor and do not take any medicine or injection. All this information is available in your hands.

First acupressure point

In the middle of the first two fingers of your right hand, you have to press 10 to 11 times in the morning with a difference of one second from your left hand finger. This information will show you through the photo above, it will help you to learn.

This will be the case, the person who has your eyes will get an energy that will help keep your eyes healthy.

Second acupressure point

All the fingers of both your hands have to be touched with one other finger. So that you will improve in the light, you have to wake up every morning for 1 minute.

Third acupressure point

The fingers of your hands have to be fitted in each other, then the palm part of the middle of both hands is not worn out vigorously. You have to do it till the hand is hot, then when the hand becomes hot then you have to keep both the palm on both your eyes. You have to do this 2 to 3 times in the morning.

The advantage of this is that it increases your light speed, if you have a number in the eyes, it will help to reduce it and your eyes will get a lot of improvement in 1 month.

Fourth acupressure point

Friends, at this point you have to close your eyes first, then keep both the fingers of your hand on the lower part of the eye. If you have a nose, then you have to do this work on the side below. Then you have to open the inside side before your finger. The side of the spring festival is open.

With this help, your eyes will be protected from diseases and you will be encouraged in your eyesight.

All this has to be done in the morning. And after doing this four acupressure point posture, you have to take a tub of cold water and then your eyes have to sink in it.

After doing this, wash your mouth, then be stressed and do your work throughout the day, then friends, this information was there to protect your eyes from disease and to increase the light, acupressure point