Turmeric: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects,

Turmeric: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects,

Turmeric: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, – We all use turmeric as a spice to make all kinds of vegetables. Apart from this, all of us have been using turmeric as a home remedy as well. Turmeric is found in protein, vitamins, iron, carbohydrates etc. and its effect is so hot that it is helpful in rooting out serious injuries and chronic pain. In this article, we are going to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of turmeric.


Benefits Of Turmeric

1. Antiseptic and antibiotic properties are found in turmeric. That is why if you drink turmeric mixed with warm milk, then it gets rid of the problem of cold, cold and phlegm, as well as strengthens the bones.

2. Consumption of turmeric increases the immunity of the body. That is why you can use turmeric in more quantity in any vegetable. However, jaundice patients should avoid eating turmeric.

3. Boiling turmeric in hot milk and drinking it increases the circulation of blood in the body, due to which it gets relief from any kind of pain in the body.

4. Mix turmeric with lime and apply it on any serious wound or injury, it reduces pain and also fills the feeling soon. Apart from this, applying turmeric mixed with turmeric to reduce any kind of swelling and pain is beneficial.

5. Mixing lemon, honey and turmeric powder in hot water causes body detox and it helps in removing the dirty elements present in the body.

6. Turmeric is also very helpful for people suffering from obesity. Taking turmeric mixed with lukewarm milk removes the fat stored in the body. Many other elements including calcium are also found inside turmeric, which is helpful in reducing weight and strengthening bones.

7. The blood is purified by the consumption of turmeric and the toxic elements present in the blood come out. This helps in circulation of blood well. Due to this, the amount of sugar in the blood is also reduced, due to which the risk of diabetes ends. But consuming more turmeric also reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. That is why it should be consumed in a balanced way.

8. If you have more acne and pimples on your face, then applying turmeric there ends acne and pimples and the swelling due to it also ends.

9. Mix turmeric with lemon and wash it after 10 minutes of applying on the face. This makes the face clean and looks beautiful.

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10. If you have more wrinkles on your face, then mix turmeric, rice powder, raw milk and tomato juice and wash it with lukewarm water after 20 minutes of applying on the face. By doing this regularly, the wrinkles on your face reduce day by day.

11. The face gets burnt due to the rays of the sun. In this case, mixing lemon juice in turmeric and washing it with clean water after 20 minutes of applying on the face, it cures.

12. If you have burn marks on your skin, then applying a paste of turmeric mixed with aloe vera lightens the marks.

13. People with oily face mix turmeric orange juice and sandalwood, then it helps control the oil of the skin.

14. To moisturize the face, mix turmeric with milk powder, two spoons of honey and half a lemon juice and apply it on the face and wash it when it dries.

15. To bring glow on the face, make a paste by mixing half a teaspoon of turmeric with three spoons of gram flour and a little milk and apply it on the face.

Disadvantages Of Turmeric

1. Turmeric is as beneficial as it is harmful, that is why you should not use turmeric in certain circumstances. We are going to tell you about this below.

2. If you have a cold, then turmeric is consumed for it because the effect of turmeric is hot, due to which it gets rid of cold cold. But if you are hot, then use it sparingly. In the summer season, reduce the consumption of turmeric completely.

3. If you have jaundice or gallstones, stop taking turmeric. This is because turmeric slows down the process of blood clotting, due to which the bleeding also slows down.

4. The consumption of turmeric should be completely reduced during pregnancy, because eating more turmeric can also lead to miscarriage.

5. If you are a diabetic patient, turmeric should be consumed in average quantity because if you consume more turmeric to reduce blood sugar, it can also reduce the sugar level in your blood.

6. Due to the hot effect of turmeric, if you consume it in excess, it can cause heat in the stomach, due to which problems like vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness can start.