What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Taking Vicks Steam ?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Taking Vicks Steam ?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Taking Vicks Steam ? – Many of you must know about Vicks as it is used in almost all households. Vicks are vaporized in the winter when the cough is cold, which helps to remove the mucus present in the throat and the ground mucus in the respiratory tract. A lot of people want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of taking steam from Vicks, that’s why we have answered these questions in this article.

Vicks is the most commonly used medicine in India. In the normal way, when there is a problem like a closed nose in a cold, it is used to take steam. Apart from this, many people also apply it in the form of balm in the head and neck, which gives a lot of relief. It feels very cold from above but gives warmth to the body from inside. Due to this feature, it is used a lot.

What is the right way to steam by adding vicks?

1. If you want to steam from Vicks, first boil about 2 glasses of water in a vessel.
2. When that water boils well, remove it from the gas, now add half a teaspoon of Vicks to it. It dissolves very quickly due to the water being very hot.
3. Now take a towel and put it on the head and cover it well and bring that pot in front of your nose.
4. Cover the head and utensil with your towels in such a way that the steam coming out of the water cannot go outside the towels.
5. Now slowly draw a long breath and let the steam in through the breathing tube.
6. Keep doing this process until the water cools down. In this way, you get relief from a cold during the winter.

Advantages of taking steam from Vicks

If you take the steam from Vicks as mentioned above, then there are many benefits from it, which we are going to tell you below.

Benefits of taking steam from Vicks in a mucus cough

If you have a cough with mucus, then getting steam from Vicks is quite relaxing. It is considered a very effective and homely recipe. It provides relief from cough with mucus to a great extent.

Benefits of taking steam from Vicks in cold and cold

If you have a cold, then it is very beneficial to get steam again. Because during colds, mucus and many mucous substances accumulate in the respiratory tract. If you steam from the Vicks, it helps to melt it.
Facial Dirt Removal

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If you steam from Vicks, it acts as a toxin and helps a lot in removing the dirt on your face. The heat of the steam helps to open the closed areas of your skin and at the same time helps in removing the bacteria present in it. Apart from this, it also removes dead skin cells easily.

Benefits of Steaming with Vicks in Dry Skin

When your skin is dehydrated, it becomes dry. At such a time, if you steam from the Vicks, it makes it hydrated and removes the dry skin. Your skin will be softened by steam from the vicks.

Benefits of steam in asthma

If you are an asthma patient, then getting steam from Vicks can prove to be very beneficial. Asthma patients develop chest phlegm that can be removed via steam. That is why doctors also recommend asthma patients to steam from Vicks.

What are the disadvantages of taking steam from vicks?

Although there are many benefits of taking steam from Vicks, it can also have some disadvantages. If you heat the water too much, it can also cause burning sensation in the face, so always keep the pot slightly away from your face while steaming.

Apart from this, some people may also be allergic to steam from Vicks, so always first get information about whether you have any allergy from Vicks. For this, you can try applying Vicks on one part of your skin. Breathing patients may experience difficulty breathing when inhaling steam from Vicks.

That is why such people use light clothes and try to take long breath by taking out their head in a little while. However, respiratory patients can also avoid taking steam from Vicks. Patients suffering from dermatitis must consult their doctor before taking steam from Vicks so that they do not cause any kind of problem.