Foot Acupressure points : Everything you need to know (2020)


Acupressure or reflexology is the new window to the alternate therapy in the current century, as we know more about the concepts of human body, we are engaging in the ways to find out methods to calm down the negative energy flowing inside our body and are responsible for various diseases. As the modern science and medicine are advancing the methodology for its treatment is becoming more expensive and painful, in such conditions we are turning towards old scholars to find an easier and swifter way to treat the sufferings and one such method is the studying foot reflexology points.

Like any other form of alternative medicine, the concept of acupressure is the same and is based on the regulation of the flow of the energy inside out in our body that in turn is responsible for the balanced functioning of the body. This flow of energy is channelized in the form of various points or meridian and massaging these meridians in a proper manner can bring back the balance in the functioning of the organs and body parts. This whole and the sole concept are penned down in form of various charts which represents the representation of basic body parts as well as specific diseases mainly of our foot, hand face, pressing these points to stimulate the working machinery of the corresponding organ.

Foot Acupressure points

Anatomical distribution of acupressure points feet

Over the thumb on both the thumb right and left a gentle massage stimulates the function of the brain on the tip, just below it is a point responsible for hypothalamus and going downwards are the points for pituitary and occipital lobe respectively

Below the base of the thumb on the groove is the area for neck and its muscle so a gentle massage is helpful in cervical spondylosis.

Medial side of the thumb is responsible for the stimulation of the nose and its secretion.

Space between the thumb and the second toe is the depression; this spot basically stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands. People suffering from the disturbed thyroid functions are have tried many medications can sit back in a relaxed position and gently massage over here. This will definitely bring back the lost balance in the thyroid gland.

Tip of all nine toes represents the sinuses specifically the paranasal sinuses, people suffering from infected sinusitis, heaviness in the head is relieved from their symptoms from stimulating this sot on foot.

Groove depression between the second and third toe is the spot for eye and pressing this spot with a technique is helpful is week eyesight.

On the lower end of the little toe is the spot for ear similar spot is present in between fourth and fifth toe in the right foot.

An inch below the thumb is the space for lungs and stimulating this spot to bring the respiratory function and restore the functioning of the airways. Helpful in conditions like bronchitis, asthma etc

A grooved patterned spot on the lateral side below the little finger is the shoulder place and massage over this strengthen the joint and provide stability in a condition like frozen shoulder and pain relief in arthritis.

An intersecting point one two inches below the third toe, medial side, and the lateral side represents the heart and pressing this point is very beneficial in the circulatory system hence maintain the blood pressure and helps to control hypertension.

Four to five inch below the little finger on the left foot represents the spleen. on the medial side the natural groove of the foot represents the pancreas, patient with diabetes are benefitted with the massage over these spots as it regulates the flow of energy to the pancreas leading to better hormonal production and functioning.

Over the base of the foot on both side right and left represent the sciatic nerve and compression over this spot helps in the painful condition of the nerve compression. Just above this point for the pelvic region is present which enable the energy distribution over the various organs [resent in this area.

Two to three inch away from the groove of the foot is the point for the kidneys in continuation to these points for ureter bladder is found respectively. Gentle pressure and massage over the whole area stimulates the whole excretory area and relieve the symptom of urinary tract infection and incontinence.

A circular portion on the base of the foot on the lower end is the point for ovaries and testis. People facing from disturbed reproductive functions can be helped with circular motion massage over this spot.

These foot acupressure points are explanatory and can be easily stimulated by self-practice and equally beneficial than any other alternative method for treating diseases.

On the top of the foot area below your thumb represents the lymphatic, stimulating these points helps in the enhancement of the immunity and white blood cell production.

 On the side of the foot just over heel is connected to the hips and knees, pressing this point relieves the pain trapped over these joints.

A reflexology massage over these foot acupressure points is beneficial in many common as well as rare diseases, it not only cure physical diseases but curbs out the mental illnesses like depression too. Massage in a rotating manner pressing in and out and then lifting with gentle pressure. Start the procedure starts with the toe and moves to the other spots too. Massage over these relaxes and stretches the muscles and nerves in the foot, causing the lightness over the body parts.

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