7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate – Who does not like to eat chocolate in today’s time. Everyone loves eating chocolate, from children to elders. In this article, we will talk about dark chocolate itself. Dark chocolate is darker than milk chocolate, which is why it is called dark chocolate.

Eating dark chocolate is very beneficial for health, it contains many nutrients. In this article, we will tell you what are the benefits of eating dark chocolate?

What Is Dark Chocolate?

Many of you will be well aware of dark chocolate as it is liked by many people and it is easily found in the markets. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa beans, which contains 50 to 90% more cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar than ordinal milk chocolate. Now we will tell you what nutrients are found in dark chocolate.

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What Nutrients Are Found In Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate contains good amount of soluble fiber, we are going to tell you about the nutrients found in 100 grams of dark chocolate that comes with 70 to 50% cocoa. RDI written below means Recommended Dietary Intake.

1. 67% of the RDI for Iron
2. 11 grams of soluble fiber
3. 98% of RDI for manganese
4. 58% of the RDI for magnesium.
5. 89% of RDI for copper
6. Apart from this, phosphorus, zinc selenium, and potassium are also found in sufficient quantity in dark chocolate.

Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Now we have told you that many types of nutrients are found in dark chocolate, so obviously it will have many benefits. Now we are going to tell you the benefits of dark chocolate.

Beneficial For Heart

Dark chocolate contains an element called flavanol which helps in reducing bad cholesterol and blood pressure. It is believed that eating dark chocolate more than 5 times a week reduces the risk of heart diseases. That is why scald chocolate is considered very beneficial for heart health. You can avoid many diseases by including dark chocolate in your daily routine.

Helping To Overcome Mental Stress And Depression

If you are a victim of mental stress and depression, then eating dark chocolate can solve your problem. If you consume dark chocolate for three consecutive days, it can improve the symptoms of depression. Apart from this, it also helps in alleviating the symptoms of irritability.

Helpful In Improving Brain Function

Due to the high amount of KO in dark chocolate, it also proves helpful in improving brain functions. In fact, cocoa contains substances such as caffeine theobromine which are helpful in improving brain function. Consuming cocoa proves to be very effective for the elderly suffering from mental disorder. If you consume cocoa with high flavanols, it helps in better blood flow in the brain.

Helpful In Lowering Cholesterol

Dark chocolate contains cocoa polyphenols, which helps in reducing bad cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol. Apart from this, plant sterols and flavanols are found in it, which helps in reducing cholesterol and protecting against heart diseases.

Improves Low Blood Pressure

If you have a complaint of low blood pressure, then dark chocolate helps to improve low blood pressure. Flavanols found in dark chocolate can stimulate the endothelium and the lining of the arteries to produce nitric oxide, thereby improving low blood pressure. However, doctors do not recommend this thing to you.

Antioxidants Are Found

Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants that help to increase the body’s immunity. Phenolic antioxidants are found in significant amounts in dark chocolate. Due to this, it helps to protect the body from many types of serious diseases.

Beneficial For The Skin

Dark chocolate contains bio active yogurt which proves to be good for your skin. The flavanols present in it protect our skin from the sun. Apart from this, they also improve blood flow. Consuming dark chocolate keeps your skin hydrated. It also protects our skin from ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun, which helps to get rid of nail pimples.