What Is Digital Eye Strain ? Reason And It’s Symptoms

What Is Digital Eye Strain

What Is Digital Eye Strain ? Reason And It’s Symptoms – Hello friends how are you?  I hope you all will find in today’s article i will tell you about a very serious problem.  this problem is  digital eye strain.  friends if you want to know about this information please read my article till last.

Friends and i definitely sure that you will have noticed a problem with your eyes when you  use long time your smartphone and your computer.

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Friends, as you all know, nowadays people do their work with the help of the internet, you must have a smartphone tablet or computer to access the internet, but friends if you see your computer or tablet and smartphone screen for a long time, it hurts your eyes. Because you all know that a dangerous radiation comes out of the smartphone that damages our eyes, these radiation rays go into our eyes and weaken our retina, due to which the eyes repeatedly tear.

The Symptoms Of Digital Eye Strain

Friends these are some main symptoms of digital eye strain if you feel this symptoms with you so you need a treatment.

  • Start suddenly headache
  • Neck pain best pen and shoulder
  • Red eyes
  • Unable to watch clearly from eyes.
  • How To Protect Eyes From Digital Eye Strain.

friend se if you want to protect yourself from this digital eye strain so you have to follow some precautions , if you don’t follow precautions so it gets a major problem with your eyes and after a long time you will have to do laser treatment and EYE operation if you don’t want laser treatment so you must have to follow precautions which i tell you.

Maintain Distance From Your Screen.

friends if you spend a long time with your computer and smartphones so please maintain some distance from your computer and smartphone screen. Don’t sit near in your computer and keep your smartphone away from your eyes.

Use Low Brightness

friends if you operate your computer and smartphone in high brightness so this is God’s very dangerous for you.  I recommend you that please use low brightness. High brightness is gets bad effect in our eyes.

Use Clean Screen Of Your Device

I recommend you that always keep your smartphone and computer neet and clean.

Use Large Text

friends if you have problem to see small digits of computer and smartphones so I recommend you that to please increase your letters size.

Take Rest

if you spend a long time with your computer and smartphone so I recommend you that please take a rest after one hour.

These are the some precautions to protect us from digital eye strain if you follow precautions amso I definitely sure that that you can protect yourself from digital eye strain.


Friends this article is ends here,  in today’s article I told you about digital eye strain.  if you want to more information please keep in touch with us. If you want to more informations so please stay with us

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