What is Mucormycosis or Black Fungus ? Know its symptoms and treatment

What is Mucormycosis or Black Fungus

What is Mucormycosis or Black Fungus ? Know its symptoms and treatment – Now-a-days the number of corona virus patients is increasing continuously. More than 2 lakh corona patients are coming out across the country every day. In the midst of the corona virus epidemic, now another deadly disease has started, due to which people are also dying. Actually the name of this disease is Mucormycosis , which is also known as Black Fungus.

What is nomophobia?

This disease is increasing at a very fast pace and till now people of Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are in the grip of it. Doctors have described this disease as very dangerous and have advised to avoid it. To avoid black fungus, you need to know what is Mucormycosis or black fungus disease? And what are the symptoms.

What is Mucormycosis or Black Fungus Disease ?

Actually Mucormycosis or Black Fungus disease is caused by infection. Spores of this fungus are naturally present in the environment. Generally speaking, there is no risk to us from these thoughts, but if your body’s immune resistance is low then it can lead to your death. Generally, sugar patients are becoming the maximum victims of this disease.

In this disease, a fungal infection accumulates near the eyes, which stops the blood circulation of the central retinal artery, due to which the eyesight also gets lost. The disease is most commonly seen in corona-infected patients or patients who have recovered after a corona infection. Due to this disease, the immunity of people in the body goes on decreasing and becomes the cause of death.

How does black fungus affect the body ?

As we told you that black fungus (Mucormycosis ) is a very dangerous disease, it reaches the brain through the eyes and nose. During this time, it spoils the bones and skin coming between the eyes and nose, due to which the person dies.

Many doctors are saying this is quite dangerous but at the same time they are also saying that there is no need to be afraid of it. It is afflicting patients who remain on oxygen or ventilators for a long time or whose sugar cannot be controlled. This black fungus is taking such patients in its grip and due to this, they are also dying.

What are the symptoms of black fungus ?

Now, the question arises that if black fungus has become a disease then how will it be detected? What are the symptoms of black fungus (Mucormycosis )? Actually, in this disease, very much pain in the head, excess redness of the eyes, watery eyes, symptoms like the movement of the eyes have stopped. If you have or have a disease, your nose jam, swelling in the eyes and cheeks or swelling of the entire face.

Many times it happens that black crust also starts settling on the nose. Not only this, pain, headache and fever come under the eyes are also included in its symptoms. According to expert doctors, this infection starts from the nose and goes to the upper jaw and then reaches the brain. It destroys the bones and skin that comes in the middle of it, causing a lot of problems and even death of the patient.

What are the main reasons for the rise of black fungus disease ?

According to doctors, there are three main reasons for the rise of black fungus (Mucormycosis ) disease: corona infection, diabetes and excessive use of steroids. The corona infected patients have reduced immunity and in such a situation their body is not able to cope with any external infection, at the same time this fungus exerts its effect. In addition, it has a double effect on diabetic patients as their body is already less resistant to disease.

Not only this, the disease is greatly aggravated by the excessive use of steroids used during the treatment of corona infected patients. For your information, let us know that steroids are used more for the treatment of corona virus infected patients.

What is the Treatment of black Fungus ?

Black fungus (Mucormycosis ) is a type of fungal infection that reaches the brain through the nose and eye. According to the doctors, if this fungus reaches the brain, then there can be no cure for it.
But if you come to know about this disease in due course of time, then you can settle with it, for this you will have to seek the advice of the doctor immediately. That is why if you see the symptoms mentioned above, then immediately seek the advice of the doctor and patients who have survived the corona virus disease should pay special attention to this.